Rum and Bacon Ice Cream

Fair warning: there’s going to be A LOT of ice cream recipes on this blog. I learned from an early age that there aren’t too many things in life a bowl of ice cream can’t cure. Ever since moving to Los Angeles and getting a taste of artisan ice creams from places like Sweet Rose […]

Candied Bacon Recipe

Like any good American, Janette and I both LOVE bacon. We hold all parts of the pig dear to our hearts, but bacon is the clear favorite. Naturally, we end up making a lot of recipes that incorporate it. I made this Candied Bacon to go in another dessert recipe I’ll be posting later this […]

Pork Belly Eggs Benedict Recipe

I’m not sure when I decided Eggs Benedict was one of my favorite breakfast dishes but every time I go out for brunch I always love trying new recipes!  And even though I love regular eggs benedict I just found out how you can kick it up a few notches!!!  Instead of boring old english […]

Raspberry Chocolate Brownie Trifle Recipe

Janette made this amazing Raspberry Chocolate Brownie Trifle for a holiday night we were having. I’m not always the biggest chocolate fan, even so, about 5 seconds after this hit lips it became one of my all time favorite desserts! The recipe is a little involved, you have to make Ganache and whipped cream (unless […]

Christmas Cake Batter Cookies Recipe

This recipe for Christmas Cake Batter cookies combines my love of sprinkles, batter, and cookies. It’s hard to lose with that combination! If you want to make the non-Christmas version of these, simply use regular sprinkles in place of red and green ones. Christmas Cake Batter Cookies Recipe Christmas Cake Batter Cookies Recipe   Print […]

Homemade Eggnog Cake Batter Cookie Ice Cream

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved Eggnog ice cream. When I was little, my Grandfather used to take me to the drug store and let me pick out whatever ice cream I wanted. No matter what time of year it was, I always chose Eggnog! Nowadays I fall in line with society […]

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