Want to know how to make dutch oven bread? Try our quick and easy recipe with just 4 ingredients.

Just like Oprah, I LOVE BREAD! …But I’ll be honest, when I was researching new bread recipes, I was quite skeptical by some. Bread that only needs 4 ingredients and you don’t have to knead it? I mean, what?! I’m so used to busting out our KitchenAid mixer with it’s dough hook attachment that, it […]

This fajita seasoned salmon & peppers recipe is made in one pan for easy clean up.

Janette and I have been on a no carb/ no sugar diet for about a month now. Some people think no carbs = no fun when it comes to recipes, but I don’t think it has to be that way. Even when we eat healthy, it has to taste good.  No “ifs”, “ands”, or “buts” […]

These 3 ingredient dog treats are easy to make and a favorite of dogs everywhere.

Our poor little dog, Pearl, has to smell the wonderful things we cook all the time. It must be torture to have all those wonderful smells penetrating your nasal cavities knowing that you won’t get any. Yes, life for Pearl is pretty tough. You should definitely feel bad for her. Sometimes she even has to go on […]

A classic snack with a modern, decadent twist. Duck Fat Chex Mix made in the crock pot.

If you don’t know about duck fat, you’re really missing out! Duck fat is super rich with flavor, even more so than bacon. When used for frying, it gives food a beautiful golden brown color. It’s especially amazing when used with potatoes. My local grocery store always has it in stock, but if yours does […]

Caviar Pickled Deviled Quail Eggs

If I had to choose between deviled and pickled eggs, I’m choosing pickled every time. Every Easter there would be a crazy amount of pickled eggs around the Staub household, due to the insane amount of hard boiled eggs we decorated and went hunting for.  Mind you at the time, the idea of eating a beet […]

Blood Orange Chia Seed layered with Vanilla Overnight Oats & topped with pistachios and bee pollen to make a healthy breakfast parfait.

I had several blood oranges left over from my Blood Orange Coronaritas and decided to concoct a next level breakfast parfait. Chia seed pudding is my favorite make-ahead breakfast. Everyone really loved the last parfait I put on here, Banana Cacao Chia Seed Pudding, and I wanted to try to top it with this blood orange version. […]