Homemade Holiday Cranberry Compote Sauce Recipe

As far as I’m concerned, the cranberry sauce is the most important thing on the table at Thanksgiving. I’ve felt this way my whole life and very few people seem to agree with me. That’s alright, I relish being an outsider. Because of my unmatched enthusiasm for this little crimson berry, I believe I am […]

Thanksgiving Recipes You Can Make Ahead

Thanksgiving is the most hectic day of the year in the kitchen. There are so many dishes, so little time, and only so many hands & so much space to prep.  To help make things easier, we’ve put together a list of Thanksgiving recipes that you can make ahead of time! We’ve divided these make-ahead Thanksgiving recipes […]

Instant Pot Twice Baked Potato Casserole Recipe

I just got an Instant Pot and I’ll tell you what, it was love at first dish! I put off getting one forever because I didn’t believe it could live up to all the hype. Boy, was I wrong! It cooks things so incredibly fast and you don’t sacrifice flavor! Seriously, I’ve made recipes that […]

Pumpkin Spice Latte for Dogs Recipe

My dog, Pearl, is for sure a basic bitch. She lives in West LA, Ubers everywhere she goes, only eats gluten-free non-GMO free-range dog kibble, and can usually be found lushing around in athletic “leisure wear”. I know that she’s secretly been wanting her own pumpkin spice latte for years. I’d never stand between a Pomchi […]

Best Reese's Puppy Chow Recipe

I have very fond memories of stuffing my face with puppy chow as a child. What kid doesn’t love crispy cereal covered in chocolate, peanut butter and heaps of powdered sugar?? We grew up eating just plain ol’ puppy chow but these days kids are spoiled with a plethora of options. Just a quick search on Pinterest […]

Flamin' Hot Cheetos Bloddy Mary Recipe

I’ve been sharing my love of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos with you all for quite some time now. You guys seem pretty into them and have shown a lot of love to our recipes like the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Corn and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Chicken Cheese Sticks. Of all the things we’ve done with Flamin’ Hot […]

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