Caviar Pickled Deviled Quail Eggs

If I had to choose between deviled and pickled eggs, I’m choosing pickled every time. Every Easter there would be a crazy amount of pickled eggs around the Staub household, due to the insane amount of hard boiled eggs we decorated and went hunting for.  Mind you at the time, the idea of eating a beet […]

Blood Orange Chia Seed layered with Vanilla Overnight Oats & topped with pistachios and bee pollen to make a healthy breakfast parfait.

I had several blood oranges left over from my Blood Orange Coronaritas and decided to concoct a next level breakfast parfait. Chia seed pudding is my favorite make-ahead breakfast. Everyone really loved the last parfait I put on here, Banana Cacao Chia Seed Pudding, and I wanted to top it with this blood orange version. I combine […]

Bacon Lover's Duck Egg Quiche

I was turned on to duck eggs a few years ago by, Mike, my roommate at the time. He’s a pretty well known member of the Los Angeles food & beverage scene (if you ever need restaurant recommendations, check out his blog) and definitely helped me to take my cooking up a few notches. What’s so special about […]

We make a Blood Orange Margarita with Lemongrass Simple Syrup and add a Coronita to make it a Coronarita! Our go-to Cinco de Mayo drink.

If you don’t know what a CoronaRita is, I weep for you, for you have never known its life changing qualities. To put it simply, a CoronaRita is a beer margarita or “Beergarita”, if you will. It may sound crazy, like it couldn’t work, but anyone who has had one knows differently. The slightly sweet, carbonated […]

Beer boiled peanuts that can be made in the crock pot. They have a wonderful garlic and onion flavor.

Oh hello there everyone!  It’s been a while. I was out on the road working on a gig and left Jess to pick up all my slack when it came to the blog.  And I must say, she’s done quite a great job!  But I’m back and ready to get my hands dirty again! Speaking […]

Champagne Popsicles made with St. Germain and Edible Flowers.

Janette is one of those people who really enjoys the little things in life. One of those little things is popping open a champagne bottle and pouring a little bubbly for everyone. I’ve learned to really enjoy partaking in these events myself. I have also found that I love a little St. Germain in my champagne more than […]