Halloween Shots

We’ve got halloween shot ideas inspired by shows like The Walking Dead and Adams Family, as well as movies like Harry Potter.

Wicked Witches Brew Jello Shot

Popping boba pearls make these jello shots look like a bubbling witches brew!


Glow in the Dark Shot

Impress your guests with these really cool glow in the dark test tube shots!


Butterbeer Shots

Want to sip on butterbeer at Hogsmeade? These mini shots are the next best thing! Perfect for a Harry Potter Halloween movie marathon.


Morticia Addams Jello Shot

Morticia Addams’ favorite flower was a red rose, so these blood red jello shots are topped with a strawberry rose in her honor.


Tootsie Roll Shot

Candy flavored shots are always a hit at my Halloween parties. This two ingredient shot is one of my favorites to serve because of how simple it is.


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