Buy Mini Ranch Keg from Hidden Valley

You Can Now Buy Ranch Kegs From Hidden Valley

December 02 , 2017 by: Jessica Pinney Food News

Looking for the ultimate gift to give the ranch lover in your life?

Lucky for you, Hidden Valley is now selling kegs filled with a year’s supply of ranch!

Now, this is not a full-size keg, but rather a mini 5-liter version. Perfect size to fit in the fridge!

Just think of all the veggies, chicken tenders, wings, etc you could cover in glorious ranch dressing!


Ranch KegBring it to a tailgate so you can do ranch keg stands, use it at the office Christmas party to liven up the veggie tray, take it to a hotel for a romantic night drizzling & licking it off your partner….the possibilities are endless!

The keg will set you back $50, but considering that includes a year’s supply of ranch, it seems reasonable.

Not feeling the keg? Maybe a ranch fountain is more your style?

Hidden Valley Ranch Fountain & Ranch Keg


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