Learn how to make wine gummy bears. Recipe for red wine, white wine, and rosé gummy bears.

About a month ago, I read about how a website has more than 18,000 people on a waitlist for Rosé Gummy Bears. Sounds delicious, but why wait when you can make your own at home? I do love Rosé, but I thought why stop there? I’m going to make wine gummy bears of all types. Red, White, and Rosé. It almost […]

Pink Lemonade Raspberry Cocktail - A refreshing Summer cocktail featuring Stoli vodka.

 A couple weeks ago Jess came home from the farmers market with some raspberries I had never seen before. I’ve eaten plenty of your standard red raspberries and have tried golden raspberries once or twice, but the raspberries she brought home that day seemed like a red raspberry and a golden raspberry had babies and created […]

Ecto Cooler Ice Cream Sherbet Recipe

Take all the Buzzfeed quizzes you want, but unless you drank Hi-C Ecto Cooler by the gallon, you were NOT the ultimate 90’s kid. I swear my brother and I drank a Big Gulp per day of Ecto Cooler while we fought over who got to play with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “TurtleCopter” and tried […]

Nashville Hot Soft-Shell Crab Recipe. The classic "Nashville hot" glaze on fried soft shell crab.

Have you tried Nashville Hot Chicken yet? I got the chance to try it last year when I was following Janette around while she was shooting Food Network’s “Guilty Pleasures”. We had some Hattie B’s in Nashville, it was delicious, but I may be biased because they hooked us all up with some pretty sweet baseball […]

BLT Waffle Fries - Waffle cut fries covered in mozzarella, ranch, shredded lettuce, bacon, and tomatoes.

If you don’t love a good food mashup, then this is not the food blog for you. We live for mashups and thought this time we would combine our favorite sandwich (all hail the BLT!) with America’s favorite side, french fries. I decided to use waffle fries as the base for two reasons: Waffle Fries […]

Fig, Blue Cheese, & Prosciutto Croissant Sandwich

A few weeks ago, Janette and I were at the grocery store and I saw figs for the first time this year. I was so excited I literally jumped up, did a little fist pump, and let out a “Yeah! It’s FIG SEASON!!!” I was so flipping excited that I didn’t even mind paying the […]

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