BLT Waffle Fries - Waffle cut fries covered in mozzarella, ranch, shredded lettuce, bacon, and tomatoes.

If you don’t love a good food mashup, then this is not the food blog for you. We live for mashups and thought this time we would combine our favorite sandwich (all hail the BLT!) with America’s favorite side, french fries. I decided to use waffle fries as the base for two reasons: Waffle Fries […]

Fig, Blue Cheese, & Prosciutto Croissant Sandwich

A few weeks ago, Janette and I were at the grocery store and I saw figs for the first time this year. I was so excited I literally jumped up, did a little fist pump, and let out a “Yeah! It’s FIG SEASON!!!” I was so flipping excited that I didn’t even mind paying the […]

Homemade Funnel Cake Ice Cream Sandwiches with Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk Ice Cream and fresh Strawberry Syrup

Summer time means ice cream time. And if you’re in Southern California, it also means fair time! Which means fair food. Glorious, deep fried fair food. I’m salivating just thinking about fried milky ways and beer battered bacon sandwiches! However, my favorite fair food is the classic funnel cake. There’s nothing like some deep fried dough with […]

A delicious low-carb recipe, this buffalo chicken is stuffed with cheese then grilled to perfection.

Cheesy Grilled Buffalo Chicken…mmm….you are truly a gift from the low carb gods. Janette and I go through about 5lbs of chicken breast per week. We’re always trying to spice it up, while still keeping it low carb and healthy. I previously posted our go-to weeknight recipe, Easy 3 Ingredient Blackened Chicken, and it was […]

Baked Beans served in Mini Bacon Cups.

If you’re throwing a barbecue and aren’t serving baked beans, you’re doing it wrong. To me, they are the quintessential BBQ side dish. That’s why I will be making sure that the July 4th party I’m going to has some. Growing up, we always ate canned baked beans. While they do taste good, I wanted to do something […]

15 Recipes To Help You Survive A Heatwave

Last week we had record breaking heat in Los Angeles. It was over 100° in most parts of the city, up to 123° in the desert (RIP Palm Springs). (Actual video from outside my apartment last week.)  The extreme heat makes it hard to do anything, especially cook. I don’t want to think about a hot […]

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