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Texas Toast Thanksgiving Leftovers Monte Cristo

The question with Thanksgiving leftovers is always what to do with them. At Thanksgiving dinner, I like the Turkey and sides to mostly be served in the traditional way. I think the leftovers are the time to get really creative. I’ve loved Monte Cristo’s since I was 9 and spotted one on a menu. Ham, […]

This flavorful Cajun Turkey recipe involves injecting Sriracha beer into the meat.

Hopefully, by now you know what Sriracha is. You may even have a friend so obsessed with it that they have a Sriracha shirt or carry a mini bottle of Sriracha on their key chain. This hot sauce has such a cult following that it has even been incorporated into a beer. That’s right, Rogue […]

Southern Sweet Tea Brined Turkey Breast

Though I’ve lived in California for almost a decade now, there are still occasions when you can see my Southern roots. It mostly shines through in my cooking, but also sometimes in my accent after I’ve had a few drinks. 😉 When I don’t go home for the Holidays, I like to incorporate a few […]

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