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15 Recipes To Help You Survive A Heatwave

Last week we had record breaking heat in Los Angeles. It was over 100° in most parts of the city, up to 123° in the desert (RIP Palm Springs). (Actual video from outside my apartment last week.)  The extreme heat makes it hard to do anything, especially cook. I don’t want to think about a hot […]

Because I don’t want to consider all the time I spend daydreaming about traveling and eating a total waste, I’ve decided to share the places I want to eat with you all. Right now, with Summer just around the corner, I’m reminded of my first love: ice cream! And I know I’m not alone with […]

The Best Things I Ate In 2015 - Au Cheval, Girl and The Goat, The Nomad, No. 7 Sub, Cheese & Crack, Fat Sal's, Petrossian, Black Seed Bagels

In 2014, I quit my full-time office job to run a business from my laptop. This was an amazing life change for so many reasons, mainly because now I could work from anywhere and had full control over my own schedule. With this new found freedom, I decided to spend 2015 traveling the country and eating […]

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