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The Best Foods at Smorgasburg LA

What is Smorgasburg? Imagine a farmer’s market, except instead of selling organic fruits and veggies, all the vendors are slinging food porn. It is seriously one of the most instagrammable (totally a word) places you can visit. I am regularly in attendance and wanted to share some of my favorite dishes. POPDUP+ Soda POPDUP is a local […]

Our best game day recipes & Super Bowl recipes

If you think food is the most important part of game day, then this post is for you! We compiled all of our favorite cheesy, deep fried, artery clogging game day recipes into this drool-worthy list. Serving any of these over-the-top recipes is guaranteed to score you a touchdown! Mozzarella Stick Chicken Fries Wondering what would happen […]

We shows you the best restaurants to eat at it Iceland as well as Icelandic foods you don't want to miss!

When thinking of vacationing in Iceland, most people probably don’t think about the food. I, however, am not most people. I was thinking about the food. I wanted to experience the best, most authentic, and most popular foods Iceland had to offer. We started in Reykjavik and drove the Ring Road around the entire country. We […]

15 Recipes To Help You Survive A Heatwave

Last week we had record breaking heat in Los Angeles. It was over 100° in most parts of the city, up to 123° in the desert (RIP Palm Springs). (Actual video from outside my apartment last week.)  The extreme heat makes it hard to do anything, especially cook. I don’t want to think about a hot […]

Because I don’t want to consider all the time I spend daydreaming about traveling and eating a total waste, I’ve decided to share the places I want to eat with you all. Right now, with Summer just around the corner, I’m reminded of my first love: ice cream! And I know I’m not alone with […]

The Best Things I Ate In 2015 - Au Cheval, Girl and The Goat, The Nomad, No. 7 Sub, Cheese & Crack, Fat Sal's, Petrossian, Black Seed Bagels

In 2014, I quit my full-time office job to run a business from my laptop. This was an amazing life change for so many reasons, mainly because now I could work from anywhere and had full control over my own schedule. With this new found freedom, I decided to spend 2015 traveling the country and eating […]

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