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Snowman Pizza made with ranch, bacon, olives, and mushrooms. Perfect for Christmas movie night!

One of my personally treasured Christmas time activities is Christmas movie night. You get to sit on the couch watching a classic movie, hopefully next to a fire while wearing a onesie, and stuff your face with delicious Christmas snacks. This year, Janette and I decided to make Snowman Pizzas. I’m not the biggest fan […]

Thanksgiving Leftovers Pizza

One of the most crucial questions during the holidays season is “what to do with all those Thanksgiving leftovers?” I had been pondering this myself for a few weeks and thought I would make some sort of waffle sandwich. Then, late one night, the kind of great idea that you only get after drinking a […]

Kalua Pork Pizza Recipe

A few weeks ago, I shared my homemade Kalua Pork recipe. It was amazing, but man, that’s a lot of pork for two people! What to do with the rest of it? Put it on a pizza, of course. I love the combination of the salty, savory pork with the sweet, juicy pineapple chunks. I wish […]

Fig and Prosciutto Pizza Recipe

Pizza is for sure one of my top 5 most favorite foods. If I was deserted on an island and could choose only one thing to eat every day, it would be pizza. The dough, the cheese, the toppings….there’s just so many good things that all happen in one slice! I ran across this recipe […]

Bacon & Eggs Breakfast Pizza

Pizza > everything else. Seriously, I’d eat it for every meal. Even breakfast! Cheesy, doughy, topped with savory bacon…now there’s a reason to wake up in the morning! Feel free to switch the toppings up as you see fit. I think I’d like to try a version with sausage and peppers, kind of like a […]

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