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Halloween Appetizer Trio

The fact that I haven’t already uploaded a veggie tray masterpiece to our website before this, is kind of an embarrassment. I believe that the staple to every party is a veggie tray and if you don’t have one, you should be ashamed. Before Pinterest came along, I just bought the prepackaged veggie trays from […]

Halloween Candy Bark Recipe

It’s Halloween season and you know what that means: candy on candy on candy! And this recipe is literally just that. If you’re looking for a super simple, no-bake Halloween dessert, this is it! I melted the chocolate in the microwave (much easier/faster than the stovetop) and then just pressed my favorite Halloween candies in […]

Halloween Ghost Crisps

These little ghost crisps were a bit of an experiment. Hear me out and I think I’ll get us to a place where these guys can be a staple of every halloween celebration 😉 The original recipe, where I got the idea for the ghosts, used pre-made dough from a can….I decided to go homemade. […]

Vampire Bat Marshmallow Pops

It’s almost Halloween time guys! And nothing says Halloween like SUGAR! But everyone is so used to just grabbing a couple over priced bags of the same ol’ candy every year. I say, change it up a little!!! I found these cuties on I Wash You Dry. She made a few other Halloween style pops […]

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