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Homemade Holiday Cranberry Compote Sauce Recipe

As far as I’m concerned, the cranberry sauce is the most important thing on the table at Thanksgiving. I’ve felt this way my whole life and very few people seem to agree with me. That’s alright, I relish being an outsider. Because of my unmatched enthusiasm for this little crimson berry, I believe I am […]

Oreos stuffed with Christmas cookie dough, then dipped in white chocolate and garnished with sprinkles. Makes a great edible gift or Christmas party dessert.

I’m rolling right along on the Christmas Sugar Express, how about you? To keep that sugary train going, I made some insane Christmas cookie dough stuffed Oreos that are dipped in white chocolate and topped off with red & green sprinkles. They’ll have you feeling the Christmas spirit in no time. They’re also really simple […]

This Halloween Pumpkin Vegetable Pizza is a healthy, easy to make recipe.

If you have kept up with previous posts, you know I have a thing for holiday vegetable platters. Last year, my veggie skeleton killed…pun intended!!!  This year, I decided to do something a little different, but just as easy. Sometimes you are invited to a party, or throw one yourself and you don’t have a lot […]

This easy recipe shows you how to make 3 different flavored Halloween tortilla chips. A healthy Halloween appetizer!

Need a fun Halloween themed recipe to make with your kids this October?!  Look no further! These Halloween tortilla chips are so easy and cheap to make! They each have their own added twist to take ’em up a level from the basic tortilla chip. The cookie cutters I used are the perfect size for […]

Irish Car Bomb Jello Shots made with Guinness, Irish Whisky, and Bailey's Irish Cream. A hit St. Patrick's day recipe!

It’s almost St. Patrick’s day and that means it’s time to chug some Guinness and get down on some delicious corned beef and cabbage! What a great holiday. A few years ago, I was obsessed with jello shots. Every single holiday I was showing up to the party with some sort of crazy/fancy jello shot. They […]

Vanilla Mint Christmas Tree Meringues

I saw some really adorable Christmas meringues on Pinterest and wanted to try my hand at one. I had never made meringues before, but they looked so fluffy and festive that I just had to have one! These Christmas Tree Meringues are surprisingly easy to make. It’s essentially just whipped egg whites and sugar. Sounds […]

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