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We make a Blood Orange Margarita with Lemongrass Simple Syrup and add a Coronita to make it a Coronarita! Our go-to Cinco de Mayo drink.

If you don’t know what a CoronaRita is, I weep for you, for you have never known its life-changing qualities. To put it simply, a CoronaRita is a beer margarita or “Beergarita”, if you will. It may sound crazy like it couldn’t work, but anyone who has had one knows differently. The slightly sweet, carbonated flavor […]

Irish Car Bomb Jello Shots made with Guinness, Irish Whisky, and Bailey's Irish Cream. A hit St. Patrick's day recipe!

It’s almost St. Patrick’s day and that means it’s time to chug some Guinness and get down on some delicious corned beef and cabbage! What a great holiday. A few years ago, I was obsessed with jello shots. Every single holiday I was showing up to the party with some sort of crazy/fancy jello shot. They […]

Christmas Champagne Cocktail with Pomegranate and Homemade Simple Syrup

The holidays are always a good excuse for having a drink or two.  In some cases, it might be necessary for even more depending on how much your family stresses you out. 😉 I’m a big fan of champagne (aka, the bubbly) on special occasions or during a nice brunch but haven’t really experimented by mixing it […]

Easy Crock Pot Apple Cider Recipe

Even though it’s technically Fall, Los Angeles just isn’t there yet. Not that we ever have a spectacular fall like you all in New England or other places with actual weather, but I would like it to at least be in the low 80’s and 70’s. Instead, the first week of our fall season was […]

Cucumber Watermelon Basil Cooler Recipe

Sometimes on a hot summer day, all you need is something tasty and refreshing to drink to quench your thirst and cool you down. Jess and I live in Los Angeles where 95% of the time, the weather is amazing! But there is that other 5% when it can get pretty darn hot and uncomfortable. […]

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