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Red Velvet Hot Chocolate recipe with Cream Cheese Whipped Cream and real Red Velvet cake

I’ve seen several red velvet hot chocolate recipes pop up recently. As a girl raised in the South, I absolutely loved the idea! There was, however, one problem…where’s the cake?!? Not a single one of these recipes involved any actual red velvet cake! I’ve decided to fix that and bring you the most decadent, delicious […]

Fall Mimosa Recipes 4 Ways

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Drizly. Snag your own bottle of champagne on Drizly to mix up these awesome mimosa recipes yourself! Who is ready for Thanksgiving next week? Probably no one. I know I’m not. It always sneaks up on me. I didn’t even realize that the Friendsgiving I’m going to is only 2 days […]

Pumpkin Spice Latte Jello Shots Recipe - Everyone's favorite fall beverage reimagined as a tasty, vodka filled jello shot.

If there was an official fall food or beverage, we all know it would undoubtedly be the Pumpkin Spice Latte. If there was an official food of my life, it would be jello shots. Put the two together and you have a spectacularly tasty, fall-themed way to get drunk. Perfect for college parties, girl’s night get-togethers, and […]

Learn how to make fig infused vodka with vanilla beans.

A few weeks ago I bought way too many figs at the farmer’s market. There was no way to finish them all before they went bad. In an effort to curb food waste, I decided to make some fig infused vodka! That’s right, I love figs so much that I even feel the need to […]

Pink Lemonade Raspberry Cocktail - A refreshing Summer cocktail featuring Stoli vodka.

 A couple weeks ago Jess came home from the farmers market with some raspberries I had never seen before. I’ve eaten plenty of your standard red raspberries and have tried golden raspberries once or twice, but the raspberries she brought home that day seemed like a red raspberry and a golden raspberry had babies and created […]

We make a Blood Orange Margarita with Lemongrass Simple Syrup and add a Coronita to make it a Coronarita! Our go-to Cinco de Mayo drink.

If you don’t know what a CoronaRita is, I weep for you, for you have never known its life-changing qualities. To put it simply, a CoronaRita is a beer margarita or “Beergarita”, if you will. It may sound crazy like it couldn’t work, but anyone who has had one knows differently. The slightly sweet, carbonated flavor […]

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