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Old Bay & Bacon Peanuts Recipe

Growing up on the Gulf Coast, I learned that no respectable person’s pantry lacked Old Bay seasoning. If you’re not familiar, Old Bay is primarily used to season seafood. The most popular application is probably a low-country boil. I had heard that “Old Bay Peanuts” were a thing in Maryland and knew I had to […]

Rum and Bacon Ice Cream

Fair warning: there’s going to be A LOT of ice cream recipes on this blog. I learned from an early age that there aren’t too many things in life a bowl of ice cream can’t cure. Ever since moving to Los Angeles and getting a taste of artisan ice creams from places like Sweet Rose […]

Candied Bacon Recipe

Like any good American, Janette and I both LOVE bacon. We hold all parts of the pig dear to our hearts, but bacon is the clear favorite. Naturally, we end up making a lot of recipes that incorporate it. I made this Candied Bacon to go in another dessert recipe I’ll be posting later this […]

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