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A classic snack with a modern, decadent twist. Duck Fat Chex Mix made in the crock pot.

If you don’t know about duck fat, you’re really missing out! Duck fat is super rich with flavor, even more so than bacon. When used for frying, it gives food a beautiful golden brown color. It’s especially amazing when used with potatoes. My local grocery store always has it in stock, but if yours does […]

Caviar Pickled Deviled Quail Eggs

If I had to choose between deviled and pickled eggs, I’m choosing pickled every time. Every Easter there would be a crazy amount of pickled eggs around the Staub household, due to the insane amount of hard boiled eggs we decorated and went hunting for.  Mind you at the time, the idea of eating a beet […]

Beer boiled peanuts that can be made in the crock pot. They have a wonderful garlic and onion flavor.

Oh hello there everyone!  It’s been a while. I was out on the road working on a gig and left Jess to pick up all my slack when it came to the blog.  And I must say, she’s done quite a great job!  But I’m back and ready to get my hands dirty again! Speaking […]

Beer Cheese Fondue made with garlic, lager beer, sharp cheddar, and gruyere. Served with homemade mini soft pretzels.

If there’s one thing none of us do enough of, it’s got to be eating fondue.  And why don’t we?  Who doesn’t love dipping meats and breads into a pot of cheese and calling it a legitimate meal?  Most people even have a fondue pot that their Aunt Betty bought them as a wedding gift […]

Sweet melon wrapped in salty prosciutto then topped with creamy burrata. Easy, low-carb lunch.

In my life, easy-to-make, light lunch recipes are key. Of course, because I’m a food blogger, they also have to be delicious. This Prosciutto, Melon, and Burrata Salad definitely fits the bill and is one of the few meals I make on the regular. I have been a member of the prosciutto fan club for a […]

Fried Honey Sriracha Lime Wings Recipe

I was in love with chicken wings before I even knew what love was. In college, they were my staple. Some kids survived off ramen, I chose wings. Ain’t nothing wrong with that! Surprisingly, I don’t make a whole lot of wings at home. Janette makes the deep fried buttermilk wings sometimes, and I do my […]

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