10 Ice Cream Places We Want To Visit This Summer

April 06 , 2016 by: Jessica Pinney Reviews & Roundups

Because I don’t want to consider all the time I spend daydreaming about traveling and eating a total waste, I’ve decided to share the places I want to eat with you all. Right now, with Summer just around the corner, I’m reminded of my first love: ice cream!

And I know I’m not alone with my love for ice cream. It is estimated that the average American eats 24lbs of ice cream per year. Whoa! Our infatuation with ice cream has reached a whole new level as places create outlandish dishes with Instagram in mind, or make unique flavors in small batches to cater to high-end “foodies”.

The results are some pretty impressive milkshakes, ice cream sandwiches, cones, and even ice cream pie. I hope you enjoy reading this list of awesome ice cream places as much as I enjoyed writing it. Fair warning: do not read it on an empty stomach!

10. XS Espresso – Sydney, Australia

It seems the flight to Australia would be worth it just to suck down this lava cake milkshake at XS Espresso. We’re sure any chocolate lover would agree with us. I’m just wondering if it’s customary to lick the glass clean?

9. Cauldron Ice Cream – Santa Ana, CA

Egg puff ice cream cones at Cauldron Ice Cream in Southern California. One of the 10 ice cream places we want to visit this summer!

Orange County is a hotspot for unique desserts. Cauldron Ice Cream follows suit with their egg puff ice cream cones. As if the cone weren’t cool enough, they stuff ’em with ice cream roses and you can even choose fruity pebbles as a topping.

8. Big Gay Ice Cream – NYC

Big Gay Ice Cream in NYC is one of the top 10 ice cream places we want to visit this summer

If the name didn’t intrigue, the out of this world cones will! Janette and I have actually eaten at Big Gay Ice Cream when she was shooting for Food Network and we can verify that it is fantastic! Their cones are so insane that they’re often served with a plate because they might not be structurally sound for long. You can never ever go wrong with the dulce de leche (middle) or the rocky road (bottom).

7. The Comfy Cow — Louisville, Ky.

Ice cream pie from The Comfy Cow in Kentucky. One of the top 10 places we want to eat ice cream this summer!

Kentucky is Janette’s home state and when I heard about The Comfy Cow, I knew we would be trying it out on our next visit. Just looking at a slice of their ice cream pie could make you gain a few pounds. Worth it!

6. Sweet Jesus – Torronto, Canada


Sweet Jesus is named after the sound that comes out of your mouth when you see their cones. I’m a sucker for anything birthday cake, so I’m absolutely dying to try this over the top birthday cake cone of theirs. Looks like there might be an entire piece of cake per cone!

5. CREAM – Northridge & Berkley, CA


CREAM has plenty to offer ice cream lovers, including ice cream sandwiches with homemade cookies, but I’m coming for the ice cream tacos. Build your own and choose the toppings of your dreams. You can even opt for a red velvet shell. Choco tacos will never suffice again…

4. CottonHi – Los Angeles, CA


CottonHi makes that dream you had when you were 5 a reality by topping your ice cream with cotton candy. Not only is the sugar on sugar a tasty treat, but this is some of the most instagramable ice cream around.

3. After’s Ice Cream – Orange County, CA

After's Ice Cream in Orange County serving their signature "milky buns", ice cream stuffed donuts topped with cereal and cookies.

If you follow any California food feeds on Instagram, you’ve almost definitely seen some of the colorful creations that After’s Ice Cream sells. Their speciality are the “milk buns”, essentially donuts stuffed with ice cream, then topped with cereals and cookies. Talk about a cheat day eat!

2. OddFellow’s Ice Cream – Brooklyn NYC


Oddfellow’s is a super cool Brooklyn joint that makes very unique small batch ice cream. They caught my eye when they made this foie gras drumstick, a gourmet adult version of the mass-made childhood dessert. Since I’m not planning to head back to NYC anytime soon, I may just have to make my own for the blog….

1. Blacktap – NYC

Blacktap NYC serves up these insane milkshakes in their tiny 15 seat restaurant. One of our 10 places we want to eat ice cream this summer!

This tiny 15 seat restaurant became a viral phenomenon and now has a several hour wait every single day of the week. It’s easy to see why, who wouldn’t want to try one of these amazing Willy Wonka-esque milkshakes? No need to ruin it by talking about calories or sugar content….

Where do you dream of eating ice cream? Any good places in your town we that we should visit?


  • I get a sugar rush just reading this post but I am also completely in love with all the cones!

  • All these ice-creams look s decadent! Cannot wait for summer break to start 🙂

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